What is j e l l o ?

J e l l o is a performance series that provides a space for artists to experiment, create, risk and try. Making work takes a lot of time, space and money. This is an opportunity to show past work, new work, or work in progress in front of an audience with lighting and production.

What kind of work do j e l l o artists show?

J e l l o artists have shown works from their past, works in progress and new work. Artists are not limited to a particular ‘style’ of movement or theme. J e l l o caters to individual expression.

We want to encourage and challenge j e l l o artists to push the boundaries and expectations of their current work.

Where is j e l l o hosted?

J e l l o is hosted by Links Hall on a monthly basis. Here, artists have the opportunity to work with a lighting/tech designer.

More information about Links Hall: www.linkshall.org

Jello is also hosted by Elastic Arts. They are primarily known for hosting music performances but they have recently opened up their space to dance/performance art.  This space is opportune for artists that want to work with a “DIY” space. J e l l o is currently working to open up a dance and music collaboration at Elastic Arts.
More information about Elastic Arts: www.elasticarts.org

Who created j e l l o ?

J e l l o was created by Jessica Cornish and is currently co-managed by Tuli Bera and Carla Gruby.

How are artists compensated?

J e l l o offers video documentation as payment for all participating artists. This can be extremely helpful when applying for dance grants, residencies, updating artist page/website and dance reels.

How do I sign up to show work at a j e l l o?

Depending on how you want to be involved in a j e l l o, all you have to do is sign up! This can be done through the contact page. Just fill out the contact information and tell us a little bit about yourself!

What are the responsibilities of a j e l l o curator?

As a j e l l o curator, you have the short-term opportunity to experience curating a full length show. J e l l o will provide a list of artists that are interested in showing and we also highly suggest that curators reach out to their own dance communities for artists.

Once, the curator has their list of artists, it is their responsibility to organize the show. This can entail:

  • Collecting individual artists needs (music, props etc)
  • Schedule Tech times
  • Show order
  • Promotion
  • Programs
  • And finally, running the show!


It is important to note that J e l l o will be assisting the curators as needed– as a liaison.  This is strictly an opportunity to learn.

If there are any other questions that we didn’t address please don’t hesitate to contact us.