What is j e l l o ?

J e l l o is a performance series that provides a performance space for artists to experiment, create, risk and try. Making work takes a lot of time, space and money. This is an opportunity to show past work, new work, or work in progress in front of an audience with lighting and production.

*The series does not provide a space for rehearsals. This is solely a space to show your work!

What kind of work do j e l l o artists show?

J e l l o artists have shown works from their past, works in progress and new work. Artists are not limited to a particular ‘style’ of movement or theme. J e l l o caters to individual expression. We want to encourage and challenge j e l l o artists to push the boundaries and expectations of their current work.

Where is j e l l o hosted?

J e l l o is hosted by Links Hall.  Artists have the opportunity to work with a lighting/tech designer during the tech rehearsal prior to the show.

More information about Links Hall: www.linkshall.org

Jello is also hosted by Elastic Arts. They are primarily known for hosting music performances but they have recently opened up their space to dance/performance art.  This space is opportune for artists that want to work with a “DIY” space.

More information about Elastic Arts: www.elasticarts.org

Who created j e l l o ?

J e l l o was created by Jessica Cornish. The current J e l l o Team includes Tuli Bera, Sarah Stearn, and Brice Hartmann. Past team members include Carla Gruby.

How are artists compensated?

J e l l o provides artists with video and photo documentation. This can be extremely helpful when applying for grants, residencies, updating artist page/website and performance reels.

How do I sign up to show work at a j e l l o?

Applying for upcoming J e l l o Performances will be done through
J e l l o Portal!

If there are any other questions that we didn’t address please don’t hesitate to contact us!